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Our Trainers

Who They Are


Tyler Jones

Tyler is one of our unique coaches that we have. Not only does he focus on the weightlifting aspect but he specializes in golf, mobility, corrective exercises, and longevity training as well.

IG - Tyler_mj

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Kyle Valenzuela

Our trainer Kyle is not only a competitive body builder but an advanced trainer. His mission as a trainer is to allow his clients to reach their goals no matter what that goal may be.   

IG -  Bamnbamn_KB

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Yajaida Keys

Yajaida is one of our few female trainers here at X Factor Fitness. Her mission is to help her clients push and better themselves each and every day. She is big on building good camaraderie with her clients and become a positive impact on them.

IG - Yelizabethkeys

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Saul Castaneda

Saul not only is one of our trainers at X Factor Fitness but the owner of Total Nutrition here in Visalia, California. Saul's mission is to help his clients get in the best shape they can get. He pushes his clients physically and mentally to help them get there.

IG - @It_saul_good_bro

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Roel van Someren

Roel is one of our Male coaches. He is a man with a unique and credible background having prior service serving the military in the Netherlands. Roel's focus is on quality of life goals, strength training, fat loss, and even offers online and in-person training.

IG -Uniekfitness_global

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