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Our trainers at X Factor Fitness are the heartbeat of our community, embodying a passion for fitness and a dedication to helping our members achieve their goals. Each trainer is carefully selected not only for their expertise but also for their ability to inspire and motivate. With a diverse range of backgrounds and specialties, our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge to every session, ensuring that each member receives personalized guidance and support on their fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started, an athlete aiming to reach new heights, or someone in need of rehabilitation, our trainers are here to guide you every step of the way. From crafting tailored workout plans to providing nutritional advice and ongoing encouragement, our team is committed to empowering you to unlock your full potential and achieve lasting results. Join us and experience the difference that our dedicated trainers can make in your fitness journey. Please note that trainers are billed seperately and not included in your monthly membership.

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xfactor fitness public gym visalia california

Meet  Tyler, one of our exceptional coaches at X Factor Fitness. Beyond his expertise in weightlifting, Tyler brings a diverse range of specialties to the table. With a focus on golf performance, mobility enhancement, corrective exercises, and longevity training, he offers a holistic approach to fitness that extends far beyond the gym floor. Tyler’s dedication to helping clients achieve their goals goes beyond mere physical transformations; he is committed to enhancing overall well-being and longevity. Whether you’re aiming to improve your golf swing, enhance mobility, correct imbalances, or ensure long-term health and vitality, Tyler is here to guide you every step of the way. Experience the difference of Tyler’s personalized approach to fitness and unlock your full potential today.

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Kyle Valenzula

xfactor fitness public gym visalia california personal trainer

Meet Kyle, not just a competitive bodybuilder but an advanced trainer dedicated to guiding you towards your fitness aspirations. With a mission centered on empowering clients to achieve their goals, Kyle’s expertise goes beyond sculpting muscles; he’s committed to helping you realize your full potential, whatever your objective may be. Whether you’re striving for strength, endurance, weight loss, or overall wellness, Kyle’s personalized approach ensures that each step of your fitness journey is met with support, motivation, and expertise. Join Kyle and embark on a transformative path towards success, where your goals become achievements and your vision becomes reality.

Personal Trainer

YAjaida Keys

xfactor fitness public gym visalia california

Meet  Yajaida, a dynamic female trainer at X Factor Fitness who stands out among our team. Her mission is simple yet powerful: to empower her clients to push themselves and strive for improvement every single day. Yajaida believes in fostering strong camaraderie with her clients, creating a supportive and motivating environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged. With her positive impact and infectious energy, Yajaida inspires her clients to surpass their limits and achieve their fitness goals. Join Yajaida on a journey of growth, strength, and positivity, and experience the transformative impact of her personalized approach to training.

Personal Trainer


van Someren

xfactor fitness public gym visalia california

Meet Roel, a distinguished male coach at X Factor Fitness, whose background sets him apart with unique credibility, having served in the military in the Netherlands. Roel’s mission revolves around enhancing quality of life, specializing in strength training, fat loss, and offering both online and in-person training options. With a commitment to excellence honed through military service, Roel brings a disciplined approach to helping clients achieve their fitness aspirations. Whether you’re aiming to build strength, shed unwanted pounds, or improve overall well-being, Roel’s expertise and dedication ensure a personalized and effective fitness journey tailored to your needs. Join Roel and embark on a transformative path towards a healthier, stronger, and more fulfilling life.

Personal Trainer

Jessy Star

xfactor fitness public gym visalia california jessy star personal trainer
xfactor fitness public gym visalia california

Jessy, a recent addition to the X Factor Fitness team, brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of fitness and bodybuilding. Holding the esteemed ProCard as a Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Jessy stands as a PNBA Figure Pro, showcasing her dedication and mastery in the field. With a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals, she is also a Certified Personal Trainer, equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide individuals towards their desired level of fitness. Beyond her professional pursuits, Jessy is a devoted dog mom, balancing her love for fitness with her affection for her furry companion. Through her commitment to excellence and her unwavering dedication to health and wellness, Jessy embodies the ethos of X Factor Fitness, inspiring others to reach their fullest potential.

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"I've been going here for over 2 years and X Factor is, hands down, the best gym in Visalia. The owner's are nice, friendly, helpful, and they really care about their members and successes! The equipment is top notch. They're always upgrading and improving it, there's something for everyone. I can't say enough good things about this gym, 11/10 highly recommend!!

Jessica Babagian

"I was blown away by this locally owned gym in Visalia, CA. It's a very well kept and clean facility that has a passion for people's success. Not only was the building well kept, but the landscape and the decor was very modern and attractive."

Donny Parker

"Great locally owned gym. Management makes sure everything Is clean and working fine. the owner is constantly upgrading the gym with new equipment."

Saul Castaneda

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